Driven Scotland Productions

Low Winter Sun. Tiger Aspect/Ch4

Stardust. ( main unit ). Marv Films

Stardust. ( 2nd Unit ). Marv Films

Feel the Force. Catherine Bailey/BBC

Prada. ( commercial ). AtoZ Productions

Sharp HD. ( commercial ) Independant Films

Internet Banking. ( commercial ) Independant Films

Rebus. STV

Acid Test. BBC

Reichenbach Falls. BBC

Wedding Belles. Junction Films/CH4

Stealing Diamonds. Traverse Theatre

Varyag Anniversary. Russian News Production

Houdini. Zephyr Films

Watchnight @ Roslin. Hunter Productions/BBC

Royal Navy ( commercial ). Rogue Films

Aberdien Conserdine. (commercial) G8te Films

FIFA. (commercial)

Arn. AB Svensk/Sheba

Starting Over. Gate Films

Wolfman (recce)

Book of Blood. Matador/Plum Films

Next Xmas (commercial). Plum Films

Mary Queen of Scots. Reel Mary Productions

New Town Killers. NTK Films

Nakamura (DVD). Horipro

Flake in Scotland (recce)

Fiona's Story. BBC

Johnny Walker (commercial)

Half Moon Investigations

Life of Riley. Catherine Bailey

Old Guys (1). BBC

Your Highness (recce). Universal Studios

Imogen. Extra Veg Productions

Centurion. (2nd Unit). Centurion Films

Outcast. Makar Films

EisFeiber (whiteout). Capricorn Films

Garrows Law. (1) Shed Media/BBC

LG (commercial)

Michael MacIntyre Roadshow. Open Mike


Eagle of the Ninth. Belmont Productions

Wicker Tree. Tressock Films

Game of Thrones (recce)

Day of Flowers

Case Histories. Ruby Films

Compare the Meerkat (commercial). Passion Pictures

Paolo Nutini. (promo) Plum Films

Old Guys (2). BBC

Captain America (recce/2nd Unit) Vita Ray Productions

Burke and Hare. B & H Films

Mausam (recce) Spinfilms/Cinergy

Lake Dragon (recce) Oxygen Films

Garrows Law (2) Shed Media/BBC

Morrisons (commercial) Home Corps

Alternate Energy Documentary. Chumkyo/Nippon TV

This September. Gate Films

Awakening. Origin/Awakening

Sierra Mist (commercial). Smith & Jones Films

One Day. Hadrian Productions

Heinz (commercial) Rickety Stick

Laid Off

Raymon James (commercial) Lucky Strike Productions

T Mobile (commercial) Smuggler

Case Histories (2) Ruby Films

Michael MacIntyre Roadshow. Open Mike

HSBC (commercial)

Suspicions of Mr Witcher

Outpost 2 ( Black Sun ), Black Camel

Spamalot Documentary. Belgian TV

This September (2). Gate Films

Pram Face (1). Little Comet/BBC

Garrows Law (3). Shed Media/BBC

Dewars. (commercial)

Dark Knight Rises (aerial unit)

World War Z. High Command Productions

Dark Shadows (recce)

Skyfall (recce)

Koji (TV Tokyo). Topspin Creative

Cloud Atlas

Under the Skin. Seventh Kingdom

Blue Haven. Kudos/Brown eyed boy

Love Bite. Ecosse Films

The Hunted (Nemisis) Kudos

Filth. Steel Mill Pictures

RBS. (Commercial)


Doors Open. Doors Shut/Sprout

The Railwayman

Pramface (2) Little Comet/BBC

Monster Butler. Dark Horse Film Productions

Visit Scotland (commercial)

Olympic 2012, Chariots of Fire Promo

High Noon

Bob Servant (1 & 2 )

Dewars (commercial)

A Day Like This, Collision

The Great Race

Chanel (film & show) Walter Films

Ganten Water (commercial) Freak Films

Restoration Britain

Vampire Academy (recce)

Rubenesque. Kudos/BEB

Road Safety (commercial) Cacti Films

McDonalds (commercial)

Road Safety (commercial) Cacti Films

Singapore Airlines (commercial)

What We Did On Our Holiday. Origin

Outlander (1) Left Bank/Starz

Pramface (3) Little Comet/BEB

Castles in the Sky

Famous Grouse (commercial) Filming Scotland

Aldi (commercial) Bare Films

Victor. MTP

Laid. STV


The Correspondence (recce)

Government "Knife" (commercial) Leith Agency

Glasgow Girls


Bob Servant (3)

Haig "Together" (commercial)

Haig Club (commercial)

Land Rover US (commercial)

Driven to Murder. Touchpaper Television


Scottish Muscle

Emilie Nichol (music video) Alibi/Sony

Mountain Goat