Precision Driving

Within our team of drivers we have several experienced precision drivers for tracking vehicle operation and on screen driving.

A good precision driver has to have excellent car control and vehicle awareness. This comes partly from training but mainly from lots of practice. These are however not the only qualities needed in the film industry. Being repeatable and able to perform the same manoeuvre over and over again is very important. Also, working well with the camera crew and director is essential. This saves everyone involved a lot of time and money. Our precision drivers are professional 4x4 certified and also IAM members.

Security Driving

Having supplied security and transportation to some of the most high profile people in the world, we are in the unique position of being able to offer not only a traditional chauffeur service, but are also able to provide clients with the peace of mind of knowing that our friendly, knowledgeable drivers are trained in the field of close protection and advanced driving techniques. Please call for more details of this service and our very competative rates.

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