Film and TV

Driven Scotland is recognised throughout the Scottish film industry as a professional and reliable all-round transport supplier. We cater to the unique demands that location filming brings. We understand and accommodate the ever-changing requirements that come with the unpredictable Scottish weather and conditions, often changing entire transport programs with only hours notice. We consider ourselves to be very much part of the crew and always assist in any way we can.

Our own fleet of new Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles can be supplemented with almost any make or model of car, van or 4x4 at very short notice.

In our 16 years of industry experience we have supplied our service to over one hundred and fifty productions.

Transport Captains

Transport Captains are in charge of all of the Drivers who are employed to drive actors, crew, the director, producers, press and extras to and from key locations, unit bases, editing suites and production offices. Working in collaboration with the Production Co-ordinator or Line Producer, Transport Captains ascertain how many Drivers and vehicles are needed, as well as the types of vehicles required, e.g., cars, mini-buses and buses.

They hire the Drivers, and co-ordinate their driving schedules, to ensure that their time is used to maximum effect during shooting days. Transport Captains are responsible for making sure that Drivers arrive on time, and at the right place, to pick up production staff and artists, and that they are delivered to the correct location, at the right time.

Recce Transport

Our 8-seater vehicles accommodate 7 passengers conference style so planning can continue while travelling between locations.

Our Mercedes Viano 8 seater vehicles are by far the most popular mode of transport for recce trips. These vehicles can accommodate 7 passengers plus driver in luxury. Each full leather seat can recline independently with plenty of leg room. The seats are arranged conference style so discussions and planning can continue whilst travelling between locations. There is also a fridge on board for the odd day when the sun shines. Our drivers have a great deal of local knowledge and can often be of great assistance when choosing routes and locations.

Many of our drivers are Lantra Off-Road trained and combined with our fleet of Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles make even the most remote and difficult locations accessible, no matter what the terrain.

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